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About C.Y.A.N


We think the most important value in work is our credit in the opinion of customers. Best output is not just a word to CyanCoders, it's our ideology in projects handling.


This company was established in February 2014. Now we are handling big Website and Mobile projects in this company with our young and creative colleagues.


Expert at design standards like Material & Flat design.(UI/UX optimal & usability expert)
Android & IOS programing, Web designing, Server side programing, Client side Scripting.
Professional Coding with:
   Java, swift    PHP, J2E, C#,    Js (Gulp, Grunt, npm), Jquery, Ajax technology
   Object Oriented Programing    Design patterns    MVC, MVP    Server security
   Laravel, Lumen, CodeIgniter, Symfony, NodeJS; AngularJS, React, .NET framework   


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Some of the projects we have invested

Decor Market




Some of CMS we we have made

Cyan Pro CMS

Cyan Silver CMS

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CyanCoder (PayaRayane Cyan collected the best creators to make things that you are searching for...
  (Free consulting) +989128488534
  PayaRayane Sayan (, 6, Block 14, Raoofi St, Moini St, 182 Blv, Tehran, Iran

Mehran Mehrafarin (Founder)Director & Client side department head

Android/IOS Development Manager
Expert at Java, Swift, C++, ...
Professional in object-oriented & design patterns
Work with Android, IOS, AngularJS, React, etc
UI coding with html5/css3, jquery,sass, less, java
Material design expert (UI/UX optimal)
Expert at Linux OS (security,...)
Bachelor of Law (Azad University)

MohamadSadegh Maghsoud (Founder)CEO & server side department head

Website Development Manager
Expert at PHP, C#, Java, ...
Professional in database design (server)
Work with Laravel, Lumen, .Net framework, etc
UI coding with html5/css3/jquery,sass, less, ...
Professional in Graphic design (UI/UX optimal)
Branding and online marketing consulting (SEO,...)
Master of Economics (Tehran University)

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